How it works ?

  • Register for a race

    Registration is €1 per marathon and participants need to download a personal race tracker app to record their journey. If you complete the challenge and send proof of your success, then you will be given an opportunity to place yourself on the Finisher’s list and share your story!

  • Run the Race

    5 marathons in 5 working days is the ultimate race but we have other options for varying fitness levels. Participants are free to choose their terrain, route, and split their runs before, during, or after work. Design a common circuit to do with your friends, more the merrier!

  • Relax

    You've just run, a lot. Take a break and enjoy. To celebrate, share your story with the people closest to you and let them know you have officially become a Weekday Warrior!


  • Principle 1: Challenge

    Choose your challenge. Anything between ½ to 5 marathons in 5 working days is a tough goal. This is an ultra-event for the work-life balance athlete. Depending on your fitness levels, you can register starting from 22km in 5 working days or join a local event for a few runs. After completing any of these challenges, participants can truly say "I just had a really tough week”.

  • Principle 2: Community

    Foster new communities. Inspire family, friends, and colleagues to join parts of your journey whether it be by running, supporting or just by laughing together about how ridiculous all of this is. Join or organize local warrior meet ups and share your stories with us to inspire our global community.

  • Principle 3: Cadence

    Set a balanced pace. The goal is to build lifetime endurance by running at a comfortable speed. We run to bring people together and to foster a lifetime of physical and mental fitness. We don’t run slow, we run right and we run together. Join us to set a local and balanced, globally connected pace.