From Reluctant Runner to PR-Breaking WeekdayWarrior: Rudi's Story

Before WeekdayWarrior, Rudi didn’t like running at all. However, with a few positive reinforcement strategies from her partner, she became hooked. By the time she tackled her first WeekdayWarrior, Rudi had already become a routine runner, not only participating in ultras but also completing a 50-miler. We were incredibly inspired by her story when we met her.

In many ways, Rudi was already a WeekdayWarrior. But participating in WeekdayWarrior still had a lot to offer her. The camaraderie of running with friends, colleagues, her partner, and her dog was an obvious bonus. However, we later discovered that after completing her WeekdayWarrior week, Rudi went on to have her most productive running month ever. She continued running and achieved her highest mileage yet.

Rudi, you inspire us! We look forward to hearing about your next steps.

In the photo, Rudi is holding the WeekdayWarrior card, which on the back states, "Do you have what it takes?" Turns out the answer is yes, and then some.



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