Rob Roy's Climate Climbing Run

Rob is one of the very early individuals who helped Weekday Warrior get started, which we're deeply grateful for.

Not only is Rob excited by physical challenges, but professional ones as well.

Rob finished his first WeekdayWarrior, but did so while traveling for work, meaning it became a multi-state run.

While doing so, he signed an agreement for 120 wind turbines in Texas and climbed on top of a 300 foot turbine. Rob also told us that the wind turbines would cover 40% of their companies scope 2 emissions, which is great.

As he was about to start running again, he said he's already working on another deal for a solar farm. Simply, wow.

Rob, you inspire us!

Rob told us he'd run more during the next WeekdayWarrior. We're looking forward to that, but also curious to hear what else he'll get up to!

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