Meet Laura: The Multi-multi-tasking WeekdayWarrior

Laura joined the first WeekdayWarrior event in Helsinki, and we initially thought that was impressive enough.

It turns out, Laura was juggling what felt like five other WeekdayWarriors at the same time.

While running for political office, switching jobs, and training for an Ironman, Laura enthusiastically said, "Yes! I'll join WeekdayWarrior too." What spirit!

During every run, we thought WeekdayWarrior was the main challenge of the day, but for Laura, it was just part of a much bigger journey.

Laura, you inspire us!

Laura also played a crucial role in helping WeekdayWarrior during its early days, for which we are very grateful.

Not only did she support and motivate us during many WeekdayWarrior events in Helsinki, but she continues to inspire us by recently completing her first Ironman.
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