Meet Antti: The Businessrunner

Antti has many ambitions. He works, starts businesses, reads extensively, and climbs to the top both literally and figuratively.

Running wasn’t Antti’s main sport, nor did he have much time available, but he immediately said yes to the WeekdayWarrior challenge, which speaks volumes about who he is.

Antti completed a WeekdayWarrior while balancing what seemed like a million responsibilities. This included continuously working to keep afloat an innovative, game-changing startup focused on tackling global food waste, which is simply amazing.

Antti, you inspire us!


The photo is from Antti’s last run on the final day. He was on a work call during the entire run. He didn’t have a choice and even told his team, “Apologies, this time I can’t have my camera on. This is a special case, and I’m sorry. I am finishing a 5-day challenge today and had no choice but to take this call while running. If any one of you decides to do this challenge too, I’d support it. This is great. In these special cases, internal remote run calls are 100% okay by me!”

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