The future running meme

For 5 years, Nabylah told us she'd never go running. But deep inside, we knew she would. It was just a matter of time.
After years of mostly enjoying non-run based fun, without telling anyone, she completed a WeekdayWarrior.
And she loved it.
And now, she can't stop. Nabylah's doing half-marathons and casual runs 24/7. She's even advising everyone what gear to get. One could say that she's gotten a bit annoying, but we don't think so.
You inspire us Nabylah!
Also, Nabylah met her significant other right after her first WeekdayWarrior, which is great. Apparently it was all she talked about on the first evening. Some would say that's a bit annoying, but we don't think so at all. We believe it's what gave her the essential post-run glow, which made it a successful and therefore magical post-run evening.
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