The Antihero of the Running World

Emmet inspires us in a very non-traditional way.

Not only has Emmet been a positive critic of WeekdayWarrior, actively helping us improve our ability to reach and inspire people, but his marginal interest in running creates a paradox of emotions, leaving us both impressed and confused.

Despite not training for WeekdayWarrior, Emmet joined the first event in May 2023 and completed five full marathons. He didn't want to, but he stubbornly agreed due to the peer pressure he was receiving from the WeekdayWarrior organizer.

He didn't want to do it. He barely enjoyed it. He rarely talked about it, but he smiled throughout the week, as evidenced in the photo.

With bewildered laughs, we say thank you Emmet for supporting us and inspiring us in your own special way!


This photo shows Emmet smiling at work, after almost completing five full marathons during a work week. To date, Emmet remains one of only two people ever to have completed the five full marathons WeekdayWarrior challenge.



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What a guy. Sounds like he’s the REAL weekday warrior.

Ricardo is my name-o

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