First Person Ever to Attempt and Finish 3 WeekdayWarrior Marathons

Lauren joined one of our early London WeekdayWarrior runs and became the first person ever to complete the three-marathon challenge. Congratulations! Only one person had attempted the challenge before.

Lauren ran 25km each day, which is truly amazing. Most mornings, she’d run by herself or with her dog, Shoji. In the afternoons, she’d finish by running with colleagues after work to complete the mileage.

While running with a dog is typically motivating, Shoji has a habit of making everyone around him look bad. Shoji is a big dog, so while others are running, he looks like he’s walking. It’s not great, but overall, it’s a net positive experience. Shoji, thanks for the help!

Once Lauren completed the three WeekdayWarriors, she said it was an amazing experience. Not only was it a new personal achievement, but the routine helped her see neighbors and the community more often. Increased daily greetings from everyone around added to the experience.

Lauren, you inspire us!

The WeekdayWarrior 3 Marathon Challenge used to be called a "beginner" category. Lauren said that wasn’t a great choice, which is excellent feedback. We’ve removed the label since then!

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